Paralongidorus bullatus n. sp. from Groundnut Soils in Niger and Comments on Xiphinema parasetariae Luc


  • S. B. Sharma
  • M. R. Siddiqi


Paralongidorus bullatus n. sp. from groundnut soils in Sador², Niger is described and illustrated. It is distinguishable from most species of the genus by its body and odontostyle lengths, knob-like head, and digitate ending of the protoplasmic region of the tail. Length of the female body is 4.4-5.5 mm, of the odontostyle 132-156 [mu]m, and of the tail 32-44 [mu]m. Tail terminus is conoid to broadly rounded. Uteri are well developed, without sperms. Males are not found. Xiphinema parasetariae Luc 1958, a species inquirenda, is validated and, based on measurements and tail structures, X. attorodorum Luc 1961 is proposed as a synonym of X. parasetariae. Additional measurements are given for its females and juveniles. Key words: Arachis hypogaea, crop growth variability, groundnut, new species, Niger, Paralongidorus bullatus, peanut, taxonomy Xiphinema attorodorum, X. parasetariae.