Parasitism of Brown Planthopper and Whitebacked Planthopper by Agamermis unka in Korea


  • Ho Yul Choo
  • Harry K. Kaya


Adults of the brown planthopper (BPH) and the whitebacked planthopper (WBPH) that migrated into Korea from China were not parasitized by the mermithid, Agamermis unka. BPH and WBPH collected from Korean rice fields were parasitized. Parasitism of BPH in the lst-3rd, 4th, and 5th instars, and adults was 31.5%, 61.5%, 66.4%, and 45.5%, respectively, whereas parasitism of the same stages of WBPH was 50%, 50%, 100% and 90.7%, respectively. Parasitism of BPH by A. unka significantly reduced the number of eggs. Only 4.2% of the parasitized females contained eggs, whereas 85.6% of unparasitized females had eggs. Tilling of rice fields significantly increased mermithid parasitism of BPH. Mermithids parasitized 39.3% of caged adults in the untilled field and 77.8% in the tilled field. Key words: Agamermis unka, biological control, brown planthopper, entomogenous nematode, mermithid, Nilaparvata lugens, rice pest, Sogatellafurcifera, whitebacked planthopper.