Molecular Characterization of Aldolase from Heterodera glycines and Globodera rostochiensis


  • E. S. Kovaleva
  • E. P. Masler
  • S. A. Subbotin
  • D. J. Chitwood


aldolase, cyst nematode, enzyme, gene, globodera, heterodera, intron


Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase (EC is a key enzyme in glycolysis. We have characterized full-length coding sequences for aldolase genes from the cyst nematodes Heterodera glycines and Globodera rostochiensis, the first for any plant-parasitic nematode. Nucleotide homology is high (83% identity), and the respective sequences encode 40 kDa proteins with 89% amino acid identity. Genomic sequences contain six introns located at identical positions in both genes. Intron 4 in the H. glycines gene is 500 bp. Partial genomic sequences determined for seven other cyst nematode species reveal that the large fourth intron is characteristic of Heterodera but not Globodera aldolase genes. Total aldolase-like specific activity in homogenates from H. glycines was 2-fold lower than in either Caenorhabditis elegans or Panagrellus redivivus (P = 0.001). Activity in H. glycines samples was higher in juvenile stages than in adults (P = 0.003). Heterodera glycines aldolase has Km = 41 µM and is inhibited by treatment with carboxypeptidase A or sodium borohydride.