Influence of Herbicide Application to Soybeans on Soybean Cyst Nematode Egg Hatching


  • Brian C. Levene
  • Micheal D. K. Owen
  • Gregory L. Tylka


The hatching of Heterodera glycines eggs in soybean root exudates collected after postemergence application of three herbicides, and the hatching potential of H. glycines eggs from females feeding on herbicide-treated plants, were measured in vitro. Hatching in all root exudate solutions (RES) was greater than in deionized water but less than in 0.003 M ZnSO[sub4] solution. Filtering RES with a 0.22-[mu]m-filter increased H. glycines hatching in RES. Application of acifluorfen, bentazon, and lactofen to foliage of soybean plants inhibited hatching of H. glycines eggs from the same plants. Hatching in RES from the different herbicide-treated soybeans was similar. Application of crop oil concentrate and non-ionic surfactant adjuvant to foliage did not affect hatching of H. glycines eggs from soybean plants. Key words: Glycine max, hatching, herbicide, Heterodera gtycines, nematode, postemergence, reproduction, root exudates, SCN, soybean, soybean cyst nematode.