Type Specimens on Deposit in the United States Department of Agriculture Nematode Collection, Beltsville, Maryland


  • Zafar A. Handoo
  • A. Morgan Golden
  • Donna M. S. Ellington


A list of the deposited type specimens with references, a detailed historical background, importance, and maintenance procedures are given for the type collection of the United States Department of Agriculture Nematode Collection (USDANC). The type specimen section is considered one of the largest and most valuable in existence. It contains 1,430 species mounted and preserved on 5,177 metal and glass slides and 404 vials. Also, a brief description of the other constituent divisions of the collection is given, which, including the type collection, consists of 34,000 permanent slides and vials and 19,500 species entries. The list of deposited types is a type specimen location reference only and should not be used for the status of type species. The generic and specific names are arranged in alphabetical order and are given as indicated by the author(s) or depositor(s) when the types were deposited in the type section of the USDANC. The complete title of the reference is not given for each species, only the author's date, and source and slide number(s). Also, included are authors of designated types other than those of the original type series, e.g. paralectotype, allolectotype, neotype. Key words: allotype, collection, holotype, lectotype, nematode, neotype, paratype, species, taxonomy, type collection, type specimen.