Hatching Behavior of Potato Cyst Nematodes from the Canary Islands


  • J. A. Gonzalez
  • M. S. Phillips


The present work investigated early hatching differences in naturally occuring field populations and newly reared populations of potato cyst nematodes from the Canary Islands. Hatching behavior of the two species appears to be distinct, with more juveniles hatched from G. pallida that hatch earlier and over a shorter time than G. rostochiensis. The hatching rate of 3-year-old PCN populations was more than double (mean 44.5% ± 1) that shown by newly reared populations (mean 19.1% ± 12.5), and those that could be classified as pathotype Pa 1 (Pa 1 and P 13) were found to hatch particularly poorly. Significant differences were also observed in the juveniles released in tap water between newly reared populations of both species, with mean hatch significantly higher for G. rostochiensis. The results are discussed in relation to the implication that these findings may have for competition between the two species of PCN in the field. Key words: Canary Islands, Globodera pallida, G. rostochiensis, hatch, persistance, potato cyst nematode.