Lipid Composition of Cyst Stages of Globodera rostochiensis


  • Donna M. Gibson
  • Robert A. Moreau
  • Gerald P. McNeil
  • Bill B. Brodie


Lipid compositional analysis was conducted on the white, yellow, and brown cyst stages of Globodera rostochiensis (golden cyst nematode). Triacylglycerols were the largest lipid fraction in all stages examined, ranging from 55-75% of total lipid. Ethanolamine phosphoglycerides and choline phosphoglycerides were present in high amounts in all cyst fractions, with a total phospholipid content of 20%, 14.7%, and 12.8% in the white, yellow, and brown cyst stages, respectively. Sterols, steryl esters, sphingomyelin, and cardiolipin were found in minor amounts in all three cyst stages and showed greater changes than other classes of lipids relative to cyst stage. The fatty acid compositions of the three cyst stages were similar. Eicosenoic acid (20:1) and arachidonic acid (20:4) were found in higher concentrations than other fatty acids in all cyst preparations; vaccenic acid (18:1) occurred at the third highest concentration. More than 78% of total fatty acids were unsaturated at all cyst stages, and more than 60% were of C20 or longer chain length. The lipid profile of all three cyst stages is consistent with invertebrate adaptation to low-temperature environments. Key words: Globodera rostochiensis, golden cyst nematode, lipid composition, phospholipid, physiology, triacylglycerol, fatty acid, eicosenoic acid, arachidonic acid, vaccenic acid.