Ribosomal DNA Comparisons of Globodera from Two Continents


  • V. R. Ferris
  • L. I. Miller
  • J. Faghihi
  • J. M. Ferris


Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequence data were compared for five species of Globodera, including G. rostochiensis, G. pallida, G. virginiae, and two undescribed Globodera isolates from Mexico collected from weed species and maintained on Solanum dulcamara. The rDNA comparisons included both internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2), the 5.8S rRNA gene, and small portions of the 3' end of the 18S gene and the 5' end of the 28S gene. Phylogenetic analysis of the rDNA sequence data indicated that the two potato cyst nematodes, G. pallida and especially G. rostochiensis, are closely related to the Mexican isolates, whereas G. virginiae is relatively dissimilar to the others and more distantly related. The data are consistent with the thesis that Mexico is the center of origin for the potato cyst nematodes. Key words: Globodera, G. rostochiensis, G. pallida, G. virginiae, G. tabacum, nematode, ribosomal DNA, rDNA ITS1 and ITS2, 5.8S rRNA gene.