Evaluation of Fosthiazate for Management of Meloidogyne javanica in Florida Flue-cured Tobacco


  • J. R. Rich
  • R. A. Dunn
  • W. D. Thomas
  • J. W. Breman
  • R. S. Tervola


One grower trial and two experiment station tests were conducted to evaluate a new nematicide, fosthiazate, for management of Meloidogyne javanica in Florida flue-cured tobacco. Fosthiazate was applied broadcast and incorporated at rates ranging from 21 to 84 g/100 m² and compared with 1,3-dichloropropene at 240 and 460 ml/100 m² and fenamiphos at 67 g/100 m². All fosthiazate treatments increased tobacco yields and reduced root galling. Application of 1,3-D provided the highest tobacco yields and greatest reductions in root galling. The fenamiphos treatment outperformed all fosthiazate treatments in tobacco yield and root gall reduction. Fosthiazate may therefore have limited utility compared with 1,3-D and fenamiphos as a nematicide for tobacco in peninsular Florida. Key words: fenamiphos, fosthiazate, 1,3-D, Meloidogyne arenaria, Meloidogyne javanica, nematicides, nematode, nematode management, Nicotiana tabacum, root-knot nematode, tobacco.