Population Fluctuations of Three Nematode Genera in Putting Greens in Northern Illinois


  • R. F. Davis
  • R. T. Kane
  • H. T. Wilkinson
  • G. R. Noel


Field experiments were conducted in 1989 and 1990 to examine the population fluctuation patterns of Tylenchorhynchus nudus, Criconemella curvata, and Helicotylenchus cornurus in mixed bentgrass and annual bluegrass putting greens on two golf courses near Chicago, Illinois, to determine if fluctuation patterns could be extrapolated to unsampled greens. Fenamiphos-treated and untreated plots were established on seven putting greens on two golf courses. Greens were sampled intensively five times during the growing season, and statistical comparisons of population levels per gram of root were made among dates for each green. Population levels per gram of root changed significantly on all greens in both years for each of the three nematode populations. Within a putting green in either year, population fluctuation patterns in fenamiphos-treated and untreated plots were similar. Population fluctuation patterns were different between years, however. Within a year, population fluctuation patterns among greens showed similarities indicating that carefully monitoring a few locations may allow extrapolation of population fluctuation data to other locations within that year. Key words: Agrostis palustris, annual bluegrass, bentgrass, Criconemella curvata, golf course, Helicotylenchus cornurus, nematode, Poa annua, population dynamics, population fluctuation, putting green, turfgrass, Tylenchorhynchus nudus.