Competition between the Plant-parasitic Nematodes Pratylenchus neglectus and Meloidogyne chitwoodi


  • Kodira C. Umesh
  • Howard Ferris
  • David E. Bayer


In experiments on competition between Pratylenchus neglectus and Meloidogyne chitwoodi in barley, the species that parasitized the roots first inhibited penetration by the latter species. Prior presence of P. neglectus impeded the development of M. chitzooodi. Pratylenchus neglectus reduced egg production, final population levels, and reproductive index of M. chitwoodi. The reduction was linearly related to initial population densities of P. neglectus. Initial population densities of M. chitwoodi had no effect on final population levels of P. neglectus. Carbon assimilation by barley plants was reduced when either nematode species was present alone, but not when both were present together. Both nematode species assimilated lower amounts of carbon when present together than when present alone. A split-root experiment demonstrated that translocatable chemicals were not involved in the competition between the two species. Key words: competition, interaction, lesion nematode, Meloidogyne chitwoodi, nematode, Pratylenchus neglectus, root-knot nematode.