Localized Influence of Heterodera glycines on Sudden Death Syndrome of Soybean


  • Kathy S. McLean
  • Gary W. Lawrence


Half-root tests were established to examine the association between Heterodera glycines and the blue strain of Fusarium solani, the causal agent of sudden death syndrome (SDS) of soybean. Two independent root systems were established for soybean 'Coker 156' and inoculated (half root/half root) with F. solani, H. glycines, both organisms on opposite root halves, both organisms on one root half, or neither one. Foliar symptoms were more severe for plants inoculated with both organisms on one root half than on opposite root halves or F. solani alone. Root necrosis ratings were more severe when both pathogens were combined on one root half than on opposite root halves. Heterodera glycines population development was reduced by the combination of both pathogens on one root half compared to opposite root halves or H. glycines alone, regardless of inoculation time. Key words: Fusarium solani, Heterodera glycines, interaction, nematode, sudden death syndrome, split-root.