Steinernema neocurtillis n. sp. (Rhabditida: Steinernematiclae) and a Key to Species of the Genus Steinernema


  • Khuong B. Nguyen
  • Grover C. Smart, Jr.


Steinernema neocurtillis n. sp. isolated from the mole cricket Neocurtilla hexadactyla Perty can be distinguished from other members of the genus by characteristics of the first-generation male and the third-stage infective juvenile (IJ). In the male, the distance from the anterior end to the excretory pore (DAE) is less than the body width at the excretory pore; D% (DAE divided by length of esophagus x 100) is low at 19. The gubernaculum legth is greater than three-fourths the spicule length. Range of the ratio gubernaculum length divided by spicule length is 0.82-0.93 in the first-generation male and 0.92-1.00 in the second-generation male. In the IJ, the distance from the anterior end to the excretory pore is extremely short (18 [mu]m), causing the D% and E% (DAE divided by tail length x 100) to be low (D% = 23 and E% = 12). Average body length of the IJ is 885 [mu]m. Key words: entomopathogenic nematode, mole cricket parasite, morphology, nematode, new species, Neocurtilla hexadactyla, Steinernema neocurtillis n. sp., taxonomy.