Nematode Densities Associated with Corn and Sorghum Cropping Systems in Florida


  • R. N. Gallaher
  • R. McSorley
  • D. W. Dickson


Final densities (Pf) of Meloidogyne incognita and Pratylenchus spp. increased more than ten-fold over initial densities (Pi) on corn (Zea mays) cultivars grown at three sites in north Florida. The Pf of M. incognita following sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) were much lower (P =0.001) than Pf following corn at the two sites in which sorghum was grown. At one of these sites, Pf of M. incognita was = 5/100 cm³ soil, and at the other site Pf Pi. At one site, population densities of Criconemella sphaerocephala increased to higher levels on sorghum than on corn, but Pf of Pratylenchus spp. were greater (P = 0.01) on corn. Few differences in nematode densities were observed among the different corn cultivars tested. Key words: corn, Criconemella ornata, Criconemella sphaerocephala, cropping system, double cropping, Glycine max, Meloidogyne incognita, nematode, Paratrichodorus minor, population density, Pratylenchus brachyurus, Pratylenchus scribneri, Sorghum bicolor, soybean, Zea mays.