Taxonomic Notes on Some Hemicriconemoides Species and Description of a New Species


  • G. Germani
  • R. V. Anderson


Hemicriconemoides scottolamassesei n. sp., named after Dr. C. Scotto la Massese, from New Caledonia, is described and illustrated. Primary diagnostic characters are females with a continuous head and three lip annules, the first annule being the smallest, stylet length of 65-75 [mu]m, vulva without lateral flaps, and acute tail terminus; J4 has a smooth cuticle without scales or spines; the male has a lateral field with two incisures. Emended measurements, descriptions, illustrations, and new records of distribution are given for H. brachyurus (Loos, 1949) Chitwood & Birchfield, 1957, H. mangiferae Siddiqi, 1961, and H. kanayaensis Nakasono & Ichinoe, 1961. Relationships of H. promissus Vovlas, 1980, based on study of paratypes, and H. intermedius Dasgupta, Raski & Van Gundy, 1969 are discussed; both are proposed as synonyms of H. brachyurus. Key words: Basellina pancheri, distribution, Garcinia sp., Hemicriconemoides brachyurus, H. intermedius, H. kanayaensis, H. litchi, H. mangiferae, H. promissus, H. scottolamassesei n. sp., host, nematode, New Caledonia, new species, new synonymy, Psychotria sp., Rapanea asymetrica, Salacia sp., synonymy rejection, taxonomy, Weinmannia sp.