Amended Description of Pratylenchus macrostylus Wu, 1971 with SEM Observations


  • K. M. Hartman
  • J. D. Eisenback


The description of Pratylenchus macrostylus Wu is amended using specimens collected from Fraser fir and red spruce in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. Measurements of females in North Carolina overlap those of the type series. However, stylet length (21.8-27.8 [mu]m, 24.7 ± 1.1) is greater in North Carolina specimens, which also have a longer body length and greater C ratio. Heads of the North Carolina specimens are divided into lateral and submedian segments which taper and fuse with oral discs. Males are rare and not important in species diagnosis. Previously described specimens in Japan differed from those in North America in key diagnostic characters of stylet and body length. This discrepancy suggests that the Japanese species may be distinct from the North American. Key words: Abiesfraseri, Fraser fir, light microscopy (LM), morphology, morphometrics,Picea rubens, Pratylenchus macrostylus, red spruce, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), taxonomy.