Trichodorus philipi n. sp. from South Africa, with Notes on Paratrichodorus lobatus and P. acutus


  • D. De Waele
  • A. J. Meyer
  • Antoinette P. Van Mieghem


A new species in the family Trichodoridae, from the rhizosphere of native plants of the Cape Fynbos in the western Cape, Republic of South Africa, is described and illustrated. Trichodorus philipi n. sp. resembles T. cottieri Clark, 1963 and T. degans Allen, 1957, from which both sexes are distinguished by a shorter body and onchiostyle. The females differ by the more posterior position of excretory pore, presence of two pairs of lateral body pores, and shape and sclerotization of vulval-vaginal region in lateral view. Males differ by the more posterior position of excretory pore and ventromedian cervical papilla and length and shape of the spicules. Additional morphological details and morphometrics are given for Paratrichodorus lobatus (Colbran, 1965) Siddiqi, 1974 and P. acutus (Bird, 1967) Siddiqi, 1974. Key words: Cape Fynbos, leatherleaf fern, morphology, rice, South Africa, stubby-root nematode, taxonomy.