Reproduction of Pratylenchus penetrans on Potato and Crops Grown in Rotation with Potato


  • Diane A. Florini
  • Rosemary Loria


The relative suitability of potato and crops frequently grown in rotation with potato as hosts for Pratylenchus penetrans was evaluated. Suitability of rye, wheat, corn, oat, sorgho-sudangrass, and potato were compared in pot studies based on ratios of final population : initial population density and densities of nematodes in roots at harvest. Population densities increased more on potato, oat, and corn than on rye, wheat, and sorgho-sudangrass. There were no differences among the four rye cultivars or between the two oat cultivars in host suitability. Population increases were not related to root weight or consistently to nematode densities in roots. Although rye and wheat were equally suitable hosts in pot studies, P. penetrans increased more on wheat than on rye in a field study, indicating that reproduction was reduced or mortality was increased on rye under field conditions. Key words: Arena sativa, corn, oat, population density, potato, Pratylenchus penetrans, reproduction, root lesion nematode, rye, Secale cereale, Solanum tuberosum, sorgho-sudangrass, Triticum aestivum, wheat, Zea mays.