Tolerance in Maturity Groups V-VIII Soybean Cultivars to Heterodera glycines


  • R. S. Hussey
  • H. R. Boerma


Twenty-six susceptible and resistant soybean, Glycine max, cultivars in Maturity Groups V, VI, VII, and VIII were compared with Coker 156, Wright, and PI97100 for tolerance to Heterodera glycines races 3 and 14. Seed yields were compared in nematicide-treated (EDB, fenamiphos) and untreated plots at two H. glycines-infested locations over 3 years. Coker 488, DP 417, and NK S72-60 had the highest average tolerance indices ([yield in untreated plot + yield in nematicide-treated plot] x 100) of the race 3-susceptible cultivars to races 3 and 14. Plant height and seed weight of untreated soybean plants were suppressed in race 3-infested soil, but only plant height was suppressed at the race 14-infested location. Several race 3-resistant and race 14-susceptible cultivars were moderately tolerant to race 14. Key words: Heterodera glycines, soybean cyst nematode, Glycine max, susceptibility, resistance, tolerance, yield, soybean.