Vector Capability of Xiphinema americanum sensu lato in California


  • John A. Griesbach
  • Armand R. Maggenti


Seven field populations of Xiphineraa americanum sensu lato from California's major agronomic areas were tested for their ability to transmit two nepoviruses, including the prune brownline, peach yellow bud, and grapevine yellow vein strains of tomato ringspot virus and the bud blight strain of tobacco ringspot virus. Two field populations transmitted all isolates, one population transmitted all tomato ringspot virus isolates but failed to transmit bud blight strain of tobacco ringspot virus, and the remaining four populations failed to transmit any virus. Only one population, which transmitted all isolates, bad been associated with field spread of a nepovirus. As two California populations of Xiphinema americanum sensu lato were shown to have the ability to vector two different nepoviruses, a nematode taxonomy based on a parsimony of virus-vector relationship is not practical for these populations. Because two California populations of X. americanum were able to vector tobacco ringspot virus, commonly vectored by X. americanum in the eastern United States, these western populations cannot be differentiated from eastern populations by vector capability tests using tobacco ringspot virus. Key words: dagger nematode, tobacco ringspot virus, tomato ringspot virus, nepovirus, Xiphinema americanum, Xiphinema californicum.