Resistance in Commercial Soybean Cultivars to Six Races of Helerodera glycines and to Meloidogyne incognita


  • R. D. Riggs
  • M. L. Hamblen
  • L. Rakes


Soybean cultivars grown in pots in the greenhouse were tested for resistance by inoculation with Meloidogyne incognita or one of six races of Heterodera glycines. Selected cultivars were tested against each nematode isolate. The numbers of cultivars tested against each H. glycines race and the numbers resistant and (or) moderately resistant were as follows: Race 2 - 114 tested, 1 resistant and 9 moderately resistant; race 3 - 170 tested, 56 resistant and 17 moderately resistant; race 4 - 89 tested, 1 resistant and 13 moderately resistant; race 5 - 106 tested, 4 moderately resistant; race 6 - 95 tested, 10 resistant and 25 moderately resistant; race 14 - 81 tested, 2 resistant and 10 moderately resistant. No cultivar was resistant to all races. Meloidogyne incognita was tested on 139 cultivars; 50 were resistant. Key words: Glycine max, Heterodera glycines, Meloidogyne incognita, race, root-knot nematode, soybean, soybean cyst nematode.