Host Tests to Differentiate Meloidogyne chitwoodi Races 1 and 2 and M. hapla


  • H. Mojtahedi
  • G. S. Santo
  • J. H. Wilson


The reproductive factor (R = final egg density at 55 days + 5,000, initial egg density) of Meloidogyne chitwoodi race 2 (alfalfa race) on 46 crop cultivars ranged from 0 to 130. The reproductive efficiency of M. chitwoodi race 1 (non-alfalfa race) and M. chitwoodi race 2 was compared on selected crop cultivars. The basic difference between the two races lay in their differential reproduction on Thor alfalfa and Red Cored Chantenay carrot. M. chitwoodi race 2 reproduced on alfalfa but not on carrot. Conversely, alfalfa was a poor host and carrots were suitable for M. chitwoodi race 1. Based on host responses to M. chitwoodi races and M. hapla, a new differential host test was proposed to distinguish the common root-knot nematode species of the Pacific Northwest. Key words: Columbia root-knot nematode, differential host test, Meloidogyne chitwoodi, M. hapla, northern root-knot nematode.