Morphological Differences Between Radopholus citrophilus and R. similis


  • R. N. Huettel
  • T. Yaegashi


SEM observations of the external morphology of populations of Radopholus citrophilus and R. similis revealed several diagnostic differences. The cloaco-spicular orifice on males of R. citrophilus had three to seven genital papillae (anterior hypoptygmata), whereas males of R. similis were either smooth or had one or two shorter genital papillae (anterior hypoptygmata). Females of R. citrophilus had four annules in the region of the vulval opening, but R. similis had five annules in the same region. The labial disc and lateral lips appeared to be of diagnostic significance, but these areas were more susceptible to artifacts due to fixation. An unknown population of Radopholus from Puerto Rico with a chromosome number of n = 4 was morphologically similar to R. simiIis. These morphological differences provide additional support that R. citrophilus and R. similis are distinct species. Key words: burrowing nematode, cytogenetics, chromosome, scanning electron microscope, taxonomy, Radopholus citrophilus, R. similis, morphology.