Three New Species of Etamphidelus Andrássy, 1977 (Nemata: Alaimidae) in Southern Chile


  • A. V. Coomans
  • D. J. Raski


Three new species of Etamphidelus are described from Orange Bay, Hoste Island, Chile. All three are distinguished from previously described species by their numerous longitudinal cuticular ridges. E. acucephalus n. sp. is further distinguished by its extremely narrowed anterior body region and posteriorly situated amphids. E. fueguensis n. sp. is distinguished from E. acucephalus by its anteriorly located amphideal fovea, fewer cuticular ridges, smaller V-an/tail ratio and presence of males. E. yamani n. sp. is more similar to E. fueguensis n. sp. differing from it by a wider head end, more posteriorly located excretory pore, longer V-an/tail ratio, more numerous cuticular ridges and smaller spermatozoa. E. puccinelliae (Lorenzen, 1966) Andrássy, 1977 is transferred to Paramphidelus puccinelliae (Lorenzen, 1966) n. comb. The generic diagnosis of Etamphidelus is amended, and a key to species is presented. Key words: taxonomy, morphology, new species, Etamphidelus.