Selection Against Heterodera glycines Males by Soybean Lines with Genes for Resistance


  • V. D. Luedders


Soybeans with genes for resistance select against Heterodera glydnes with the corresponding genes for avirulence. There may be a differential effect of sex with some specific gene interactions, which would influence the magnitude of gene frequency changes. No effect on H. glycines males was detected with one selected nematode population and the resistant soybean line PI88788. The selective effect of PI89772 against male nematodes was greater with two inbred nematode populations than with one selected (on PI88788) population, presumably due to differences in H. glycines gene frequencies. 'Peking' also had few males with the one inbred nematode population, whereas Forrest and 'Pickett 71' had intermediate numbers. Apparently Forrest and Pickett 71 did not get all the Peking genes for resistance that affect male as well as female nematode development. Other H. glycines-soybean genes stop only females, since there were few or no cysts, except on the susceptible soybean Williams. The number of males' phenotype will help identify specific genes in both organisms. Key words: Glycine max, soybean cyst nematode, gene frequency, sex ratio.