Population Development and Influence of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus on Gliocladium virens


  • Edward C. McGawley
  • K. L. Winchell
  • J. P. Jones
  • W. Birchfield
  • G. T. Berggren


Gliocladium virens was isolated from slash pine trees symptomatic and asymptomatic for pine wilt disease with frequencies of 24% and 10%, respectively. Populations of Bursaphelenchus xylophilus, the nematode incitant of this disease, reproduced on this fungus and inhibited its growth. Growth inhibition of the fungus was characterized by an absence of sporulation and by the formation of chains of dark, thick-walled, chlamydospore-like cells. Population increase during a 12-day period following infestation of cultures of the fungus with 10,000 nematodes averaged 3-fold at 16 C, 9-fold at 20 C, and 24-fold at 24 C. In greenhouse studies, nematode recovery from slash pine seedlings coinoculated with both organisms was significantly greater than that obtained from seedlings inoculated with the nematode alone. Key words: pinewood nematode, ecology, mycophagous nematode, Pinus, Pinus elliotti, slash pine.