Population Development and Pathogenicity of Meloldogyne javanica on Flue-cured Tobacco as Influenced by Ethoprop and DD


  • J. R. Rich
  • C. Hodge
  • J. T. Johnson


Growth of flue-cured tobacco as influenced by Meloidogyne javanica and the effectiveness of DD and ethoprop to manage this nematode were evaluated over two growing seasons. Populations of M. javanica, root galling, plant height, steam crown diameter, whole plant weight, and yield were monitored at approximately 2-week intervals beginning 28 days after transplanting. Treatment influence on nematode population development, root galling, and plant growth generally followed a pattern in descending order of efficacy: DD (187 liters/ha), ethoprop (27, 18, or 9 kg a.i./ha), and control. In all treatments, nearly season-long increases in M. javanica populations and root galling were observed. Correlation coefficients relating nematode populations or root galling to final tobacco yield suggested either method may be used successfully to evaluate nematicide efficacy in research plots. Plant growth parameters most affected by M. javanica in order of decreasing severity were cured leaf yield, whole plant weight, plant height, and stem diameter. Key words: root-knot nematode, nematicides, Nicotiana tabacum.