Comparative Morphometrics of Eggs and Second-Stage Juveniles of Heterodera schachtii and a Race of H. trifolii Parasitic on Sugarbeet in The Netherlands


  • Arnold E. Steele
  • Linda Whitehand


Measurements of second-stage juveniles of Heterodera schachtii from California and The Netherlands and a race of H. trifolii from The Netherlands were obtained and compared to determine if these populations can be differentiated by morphometrics. Juvenile lengths of 10 specimens from each of 10 cysts of each population were measured. Dimensions of tail regions of 20 juveniles from individual cysts of H. schachtii (California) and a like number of juveniles of H. trifolii (The Netherlands) were also obtained. The mean lengths of juveniles of H. schachtii from California and The Netherlands were not significantly different, but similar measurements of H. schachtii and H. trifolii were different (P = 0.05). Mean dimensions of tail lengths, tail widths, tail hyaline lengths, and tail length/tail width were significantly greater for H. trifolii than for H. schachtii. Also, dimensions of eggs of H. trifolii were significantly greater than dimensions of H. schachtii eggs. The investigations established that H. schachtii can be readily differentiated from H. trifolii by morphometrics of eggs and juveniles, Minimum sample sizes required for specified confidence intervals for each criterion measured are provided. Key words: measurements, differentiation, clover cyst nematode, sugarbeet nematode, Beta vulgaris L.