Efficacy of Selected Nonvolatile Nematicides on Control of Ditylenchus destructor in Iris


  • William A. Haglund


Greenhouse and field tests established that fenamiphos at 6.7 and 13.4 kg ai/ha applied in a 30-cm band directly on iris bulbs at planting effectively controlled Ditylenchus destructor. Aldicarb at rates of 5.6 to 11.2 kg ai/ha was less effective. Carbofuran, fensulfothion, and oxamyl at 6.7 to 13.4 kg ai/ha were ineffective. When applied on the bulbs, fenamiphos (granular or liquid) reduced nematode infection from 31 to 0.6% as determined by visual inspection of bulbs at harvest. Populations of D. destructor were reduced from 5.7 nematodes/g of fresh weight of bulb tissue to 0.04, 0.05, and 0.14 with applications of 13.4, 6.7, and 3.3 kg ai/ha fenamiphos, respectively. The most effective treatment was fenamiphos (granular or liquid) applied in a 30-cm band directly on the bulbs at time of planting. Key words: fenamiphos, oxamyl, fensulfothion, aldicarb, chemical control, iris.