Three New Species of the Super Family Neotylenchoidea (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from Pakistan


  • M. A. Maqbool


Three new species in the super family Neotylenchoidea collected in Pakistan during 1979-80 are described. New species Nothotylenchus gohleni is related to N. affinis Thorne, 1941 but is differentiated by its longer, more robust body with tine cuticular annules, a more posterior vulva, inconspicuous basal knobs of the stylet, and poorly developed metacorpal area. N. geraerti and N. tuberosus are also close to this undescribed species, hut they have a more developed metacorpal area and a larger post uterine sac. Boleodorus zaini n.sp. is distinguished by its excretory pore open at a level with the base of the posterior esophageal bulb and by six distinct lines in the lateral field. Paurodontella sohailai n.sp. is closely related to P. densa (Thorne, 1941) Hussain & Khan, 1967 and P. minuta Hussain & Khan, 1967 but differs from them by its larger body, shape of tail, and seven incisures in the lateral field. Key words: taxonomy, Nematoda, Tylenchida, Neotylenchoidea, Nothotylenchus, Boleodorus, Paurodontella.