Observations on the Morphology of the Pine Wood Nematode, Bursaphelenchus xylophilus


  • Choi-Pheng Yik
  • W. Birchfield


Scans of slash pine wood chips infested with pine wood nematodes showed coiled aggregates of 5-10 nematodes in the axial resin canals, and 1-2 nematodes folded in the radial resin canals. Observations of the pine wood nematode by SEM showed the head to be offset with six labial lobes. A smaller circle of six inner lobes surrounded the stoma. A single labial sensillum was observed on each of the two subventral and two subdorsal lobes. The two opposite lobes, without sensilla, bore a pore-like amphid. The female vulva flap was observed to be a pouch. In addition to two pairs of copulatory papillae previously described for the male, three additional papillae were observed: an additional post-anal pair, and a single papilla anterior to the cloaca. Spicules were fused ventrally. Distal spicule ends terminated in two fused half discs. Caudal alae were angular at the tail terminus, but culed inward at the corners to appear oval. Lateral fields had four lateral striations. Key words: vulva pouch, copulatory papillae, slash pine, scanning electron microscope.