The Development of Nematology on a World Basis


  • J. N. Sasser
  • K. Krishnappa


Nematology on a world basis has experienced phenomenal growth during the last 25 years. Major influences responsible for this growth are discussed. Education of nematologists has been most evident in only a few developed nations. Some developing countries are now beginning to train nationals as nematologists. Research programs in developed countries are more intensive than in developing nations, largely because of available resources and priorities given to solving nematological problems. Developed nations have been able to take advantage of technological advances almost immediately, whereas in developing nations the lack of resources and constraints imposed by certain social or political conditions has made this difficult. Indications are that emphasis in training nematologists in developed countries may have reached a plateau, while in developing nations provisions for training and research are on the increase. Key Words: education, scientific societies and journals, philanthropic agencies.