Meloidogyne grahami n. sp. (Meloidogynidae), A Root-knot Nematode on Resistant Tobacco in South Carolina


  • A. Morgan Golden
  • L. J. Slana


Meloidogyne grahami n. sp. is described and illustrated from specimens on tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) originally from Florence, South Carolina. Considered for several years to be only a race of M. ineognita, this new species readily attacks NC-95 tobacco, a variety with resistance to the M. incognita group that is common in the major U.S. tobacco-producing areas. M. grahami n. sp. is related most closely to the three subspecies of the M. incognita group but differs from all of them, especially in its distinctive perineal pattern and larger larvae (av. 421 [mu]m, vs. 385 [mu]m or less). Also, the dorsal esophageal gland orifice of females of M. grahami n. sp. is further from the base of the styler (5 [mu]m) than in M. i. incognita and M. i. acrita. Comments are given on the distribution of this new species. Key Words: taxonomy, morphology, new Meloidogyne species, resistance-breaking, Nicotiana tabacum.