Japanese Hollies: Intolerant Hosts of Meloidogyne arenaria in Microplots


  • K. R. Barker
  • D. M. Benson


Japanese hollies were itttolerant of Meloidogyne arenaria in field microplot experiments. Ilex crenata var. rotundifolia was relatively more tolerant than I. crenata var. convexa or I. crenata vat. helleri. When M. arenaria was added at various itfitial population densities to soil containing plants of "Helleri," "Convexa," and "Rotundifolia," respectively, 91, 75, and 25% were killed by the end of the third growing season. No control plants died during the same period. Initial numbers of M. arenaria larvae and eggs were the only population densities that were correlated (negatively), regardless of cultivar, with plant growth over the three growing seasons. A linear relation was found for initial density of M. arenaria and growth of I. crenata rotundifolia. Increasing nematode density by 10-fold suppressed the growth of this cultivar by 23%. Key Words: Ilex crenata var. convexa, I. erenata var. helleri, I. crenata var. rotundifolia, population dynamics, root-knot.