Efficacy of Multiple Applications of Oxamyl and Phenamiphos for Controlof Pratylenchus penetrans in Birdsfoot Trefoil


  • L. S. Thompson
  • C. B. Willis


Preplant soil applications of granular phenamiphos effectively reduced Pratytenchus penetrans in soil during the seeding year and 1 year after, and in the roots of birdsfoot trefoil 2 years after seeding. Forage yields were increased in the season following application of phenamiphos, but stands of plants/m² were not greater (P = 0.05) than those in the checks 1 and 2 years after treatment. Additional spring applications of phenamiphos 1 and 2 years after seeding further reduced numbers of nematodes in the soil but did not improve forage yields or plant stand over that of a single application. Broadcast preplant soil sprays of oxamyl followed by several foliar sprays at different rates and frequencies of application over a 3-year period restricted populations of P. penetrans in the soil and roots of birdsfoot trefoil but did not consistently result in increased forage yields. Stands of birdsfoot trefoil continued to decline each year even with oxamyl treatments. Key Words: Lotus corniculatus, root-lesion nematode.