Influence of Concomitant Pratylenchus brachyurus and Meloidogyne spp. on Root Penetration and Population Dynamics


  • C. M. Gay
  • G. W. Bird


Populations of Pratylenchus brachyurus on cotton were increased significantly in the presence of eitherMeloidogyne incognita orM. arenaria.This occurred with either simultaneous inoculation or prior invasion by M. incognita. P. brachyurus penetrated cotton roots previously invaded by, or simultaneously inoculated with, M. incognita, as well as, or better than, in the absence ofM. incognita. Prior invasion by M. incognita, however, suppressed P. brachyurus populations on tomato, while it had no effect on alfalfa and tobacco. Populations of 1111. incognita on cotton were generally inhibited by the presence of P. brachyurus. Simultaneous inoculation with, or previous invasion by, P. brachyurus also inhibited root penetration by M. incognita. These findings emphasize the importance of host susceptibility in the study of concomitant nematode populations. Key Words: cotton, Gossypium hirsutum; tomato, Lycopersicon esculentum; alfalfa, Medicago sativa; tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum; Meloidogyne incognita, Meloidogyne arenaria, coinhabitants.