Nematode Response to Carbofuran


  • C. P. Di Sanzo


Higher populations of MeloMogyne incognita larvae and Pratylenchus penetrans were recovered from soil treated with carbofuran 10 and 15 days after treatment, respectively, than were recovered from untreated control soil. The number of P. penetrans, however, was lower 50 days after treatment, and symptoms developed only occasionally on the root systems of host plants. Populations of Tylenchorhynchus claytoni inoculated at different distances from the base of corn seedlings growing in carbofuran-treated soil did not move toward the plant, whereas they were attracted in untreated soil from a distance of 12 cm. P. penetrans moved at random in treated agar medium when inoculations occurred 4 cm away from the root tips of tomato seedlings under aseptic conditions. Those nematodes that reached the roots were never observed feeding during a 20-day observation period. Specimens of P. penetrans placed on the developing roots moved at random and never penetrated. In contrast, numerous P. penetrans penetrated roots of seedlings growing in untreated medium. Key words: control, mode of action, behavior.