Infection of Seedlings of Alfalfa and Red Clover by Concomitant Populations of Meloidogyne incognita and Pratylenchus penetrans


  • Deborah R. Turner
  • R. A. Chapman


Invasion of 2-day-old seedlings of 'Buffalo' alfalfa and 'Kenland' red clover by larvae of M. incognita and adults ofP. penetrans, during 1-3 day periods of incubation at 24 C, was investigated in 50-mm petri dishes on 1% agar. Penetration by both nematodes increased arithmetically with increased numbers in inocula. P. penetrans invaded alfalfa more readily than red cover, but M. incognita invaded red clover more readily than alfalfa. Both nematodes inhibited root-elongation of alfalfa more than that of red clover. In combinations of 10 and 50 of both nematodes, invasion of both plants by both nematodes was the same as for each nematode alone. Penetration by M. incognita into alfalfa, but not into red clover, was significantly reduced when combinations of 50 M. incognita and 200 P. penetrans were inoculated simultaneously. In the presence of large numbers of entrant P. penetrans in both plants, penetration by M. incognita was highly significantly reduced. Penetration by P. penetrans was unaffected in the reciprocal situations.