Taxonomy and Morphology of Axonchium (Nematoda: Belondiroidea), and a description of A. thornei n. sp.


  • H. C. Hechler


Useful diagnostic characters in the nematode genus A xonchium include: lip shape, styler length, shape of the esophageal constriction, presence or absence of spiral musculature in the esophageal sheath, proportion of the esophageal length occupied by the esophageal expansion, length and shape of cardia, shape of the vulva and vaginal cuticularization, development of the anterior gonad, shape of the posterior uterus, subcuticle thickness at mid-body, tail shape, number and arrangement of supplements and caudal pores, and body measurements. A. thornei n. sp. is separated from A. choristum by its thinner subcuticle at mid-body, number of supplements, and shorter spicules, from A. solitare by presence of males, and from both species by the female tail shape and shorter stylet. A. saccatum is synonymized with A. gossypii and A. nitidum is synonymized with A. bulbosum. A. leptocephalum, A. Iongicollis, A. magnicollis, and A. tenuicollis are made species inquirendae. A key to 25 species of Axonchium is given.