Tsunami. The Underrated Hazard. Edward Bryant. Cambridge University Press, 320p.


  • Andrew Cooper


This 320 page volume by Ted Bryant of Wollongong, Australia, reflects the author's passion for a subject that has been at the centre of his attention for just over a decade. The book is written as a semi-academic, semi-popular science volume, although in reality it is much more weighted toward the former than the latter. In style it disregards conventional referencing in favour of a list of relevant references at the beginning of each section, an approach which does make the book more readable for the non-specialist and yet provides source material for the enthusiast. Similarly, while not disregarding the dynamics of tsunamis, it aims to provide a written account that is understandable to the non-specialist (an approach that is largely successful). Perhaps an indication of the publishers attempt to appeal to the popular audience is the cover illustration 'The Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave off Kanagawa' which the author acknowledges on page 3 to be a wind-generated wave rather than a tsunami.