Planning for Beach Erosion: A Case Study, Playas de Rosarito, B.C. Mexico


  • Roman Lizárraga-Arciniega
  • Christian M. Appendini-Albretchsen
  • David W. Fischer


Beach erosion, sediment budget, vulnerability to erosion, coastal management, Baja, California.


Rosarito Beach, Baja California, is a recently created municipality where tourism is its most important economic activity, employing 65% of the population. The area includes 11 km of sandy beaches, which constitutes the most important natural asset for the region's economy and provides protection from sea forces. Beach erosion in this municipality is considered a critical problem, because it has resulted in severe damages to recreational and urban infrastructure. However, there is no plan for beach preservation nor policy to protect this resource. In this manuscript, a plan for beach erosion management is presented, encompassing several strategies and actions for beach preservation as a recreation and protection resource. An analysis of the coastal dynamics and vulnerability to erosion along the coast of Rosarito Beach was performed as a basis for the development of the strategies and actions comprising the beach erosion management plan.