Picture Essay of the Ireland Coast


  • Duncan M. FitzGerald
  • Ilya V. Buynevich
  • Daniel F. Belknap
  • Joseph T. Kelley
  • William J. Cleary
  • Walter A. Barnhardt
  • Elizabeth A. Pendleton
  • Julia F. Daly
  • Allen M. Gontz
  • Julia M. Knisel
  • Anna K. Kelley


A band of scientists from the United States took the opportunityto view the magnificent coast of Ireland while attending the recent International Coastal Symposium (ICS'02) that was held at Templepatrick, Northern Ireland in March 2002. Eleven of us packed into four cars and began our journey after landing at Shannon Airport. We proceeded through tight roadways to the Cliffs of Moher and then traveled northward. Our extended field trip started prior to the conferenceĀ and continued after its conclusion. There were also anumber of exciting field trips during the conference. These adventures are represented, in part, by the following pictures taken by the entire group.