A Review and Re-assessment of Sediment Transport along The Goa Coast, India


  • Pravin D. Kunte
  • B. G. Wagle
  • Yasuhiro Sugimori


Sediment transport, Geomorphic indicators, Remote Sensing, West coast, alongshore drift, India


Although, a variety of methods have been employed to determine sediment transport along Goa coast, the results differ in some sections. Fifteen studies have been reviewed, compared, re-assessed and a corrected shore drift map of the Goa coast is prepared and presented. Advantages and limitations of these methods are discussed. The present review and re-assessment confirms that, though sediment transport is bi-directional, the long-term net shore drift direction along Calangute and Colva beaches is southward. The overall net shore drift direction along Goa coast is also towards south. It is qualitatively determined that except for 3 short drift cells, shore zone has long-term stability. Finally, it is concluded that landform indicator study using remote sensing can be an effective method for determining long-term net shore drift along the coast.