How does a Barrier Shoreface Respond to a Sea-Level Rise?


  • Roger N. Dubois




According to climatologists the Little Ice Age closed about 150-years ago, and since that time the average temperature of the world's atmosphere has increased owing to natural causes and to the anthropomorphic infusion of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Many scientists believe that global warming will continue well into this century. Tidal records collected from around the world and spanning the past few decade s show that shorelines in many parts of the world, including the Atlantic an d Gulf coasts of the United States, have been subjected to a relative sea -level rise . If global warming continues, it follows that sea level will continue to rise. Studies also show that 70% of the world 's sandy shore lines have been eroding during the past few decades (BIRD, 1985) and that includes most of the Atlantic and Gulf barrier shores of the United States (DOLAN et al., 1989).