Khalil, S. M., 1999. Geomorphology of the Southeast Florida Continental Shelf: Interpretation Based on Remote Sensing. Boca Raton, Florida: Florida Atlantic University, 136 p. [M.S. thesis, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science.]


  • Gregory W. Stone


This is a profound and extremely valuable contribution that deals with the identification of various bottom types (morphostructures) along the southeast Atlantic continental shelf, off Broward County, Florida. While the need to refine geological models of the inner continental shelf remains a high priority in marine geology, there is also an applied bent to such undertakings. For example, in Florida the need to understand regional framework geology and geomorphology of the sea floor is becoming more critical to the needs of coastal engineers and regulatory agencies. This is manifest in the increasing activities on the continental shelf viz exploitation of offshore sand resources, oil exploration, waste disposal, fishing, etc.