The Development of Downdrift Erosion: an Update of Paper in JCR, Vol. 11(4)


  • P. Bruun


Leeside erosion, littoral drift barrier, downdrift erosion, bypassing.


Leeside-erosion is the terminology for the adverse effect on shore stability occurring on the downdrift side of a littoral drift barrier. Paper by BRUUN titled "The Development of Downdrift Erosion" published by the Journal of Coastal Research, vol. 14(4), 1995, explains that leeside erosion may have a short-range as well as a long-range effect, the latter being caused by the former. Between the two effects one may in some cases find an area of relatively less erosion making it protruding somewhat from the adjoining shorelines. In this paper more examples are given. It is concluded that the only fully reliable answer to the extent of the leeside erosion downdrift can only be obtained by qualitative research which will probably reveal that the leeside effect extends further down drift than indicated by shoreline developments on the downdrift side.