An Evaluation of Nine Dimensionless Fetch-Limited Wind-Wave Interaction Formulas for the Northeast Gulf of Mexico


  • S. A. Hsu
  • Xiongping Zhang
  • Brian W. Blanchard


Significant wave height, wave period, wave age, friction velocity, drag coefficient


In the northeast Gulf of Mexico, the wind blows from 20° to 130° during approximately 40% of the year. Thus the waves generated by these winds are fetch-limited. A set of nine nondimensional formulas relating the significant wave height, dominant wave period at the spectral peak, and the fetch parameters are incorporated in this evaluation. It is found that the formulation by Dobson et al. performs the best amongst these nine equations. An example for the wind-stress drag coefficient determination is also provided based on this evaluation. The formulas suggested by the WAMDI Group are explained by these wind-wave interaction characteristics.