Shore-Based Acoustic Doppler Measurement of Near-Surface Currents across a Small Embayment


  • George O. Marmorino
  • Clifford L. Trump


Near-surface current measurement, "horizontal" ADCP measurements


Shore-based measurements of near-surface currents are used in a preliminary study of the circulation patterns in a small embayment (width of about 120 m). The measurements were made using an acoustic Doppler current profiler mounted so two acoustic beams scanned horizontally beneath the surface and across the embayment. The data show spatially variable flow patterns that recur at semi-diurnal tidal period but do not vary sinusoidally in time. A similar measurement strategy may prove useful in monitoring the effects on circulation patterns of dredging or jetty construction, studying patterns of pollutant dispersal, or in making an exploratory investigation prior to deploying current meter moorings.