Red Flags on the Beach, Part II


  • James H. Balsillie
  • William F. Tanner


Wave period, wave height, shore-breaking, tidal datum reference planes


In a former treatment TANNER (1998) listed seven red flags. By "red flags" it was meant common uncertainties or errors in coastal work. It was not thought at that time that the list was complete, but in fact selected from a longer list compiled over the years. We here present six additional items as follows:

(8) Wave data description and definition.

(9) Is the wave period really conserved?

(10) The significant wave height-putting it in perspective.

(11) Where or when does shore-breaking occur?

(12) Reassessment of wave energy content.

(13) Misuse of tidal datum reference planes.

Again, this does not constitute an exhaustive list. Moreover, editorials by their very nature are generalized. Certain issues are probably well deserved of greater detail and justification; some for which future in depth treatments are underway. But, one must start somewhere.