Runup on Coastal Revetments Under the Influence of Onshore Wind


  • Donald L. Ward
  • Christopher G. Wibner
  • Jun Zhang


Coastal engineering, coastal structures, physical model, none


Height of maximum wave runup on coastal structures is typically calculated directly or indirectly from small-scale physical model tests. These tests are conducted in the absence of wind, although strong onshore winds are typically associated with design storms. To study the effects of onshore winds on runup elevations, a series of physical model tests has been conducted in a combined wind/wave flume at Texas A&M University. Low wind speeds were seen to have little effect on runup elevations, but higher wind speeds significantly increased runup elevations on both smooth and rough slopes. Wind effects were greater on steep slopes than on shallow slopes, and greater on smooth slope than on rough slopes. Various mechanisms by which wind may affect runup are discussed.